2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Range

September 16th, 2021 by
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

  All-new and all-electric, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has been the talk of the town in Cheyenne – and industry experts and auto aficionados across the country have been anxiously awaiting more information about this EV powerhouse. And while preliminary specs have been announced, the latest findings reveal even more impressive results from the…

How Much is a Bronco Sport?

September 6th, 2021 by
2021 Ford Bronco Sport driving

  The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is an adventure-ready SUV with serious off-road chops for Cheyenne thrill-seekers, but just how much is a Bronco Sport? The latest model starts at just $27,215 MSRP*, and you can take your pick of five different configurations available. That means that no matter your budget, you can find a…

Ford Maverick Price and Infotainment

September 1st, 2021 by
2022 Ford Maverick Truck Bed

  So 118 years have passed what have we done in over of a century? We are still in the game making new cars, trucks, and SUVs. Cornered 13.9 % of the US automotive market. Headquartered in Dearborn Michigan it’s home to a model lineup. How do you feel when you see the blue seal?…

Ford Maverick Hybrid MPG

August 26th, 2021 by
2022 Ford Maverick Driving on Dirt Road

  Bursting with anticipation for the Ford Maverick hybrid? The numbers are in for your precious mpg needs. Ford recognizes the pursuit of Ford Maverick fuel economy a must. And all wheel drive with towing package. The public has spoken about an excellent driving experience. It is proudly built tough with optional 2.0 Liter turbo…

2021 Ford Explorer Colors

June 30th, 2021 by
2021 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a midsize SUV that delivers not only strong performance and towing capabilities, but also plenty of interior space for passengers and cargo. However, Cheyenne drivers can expect more than power when they take home a Ford Explorer, they can also pick from a robust palette of colors. The 2021 Ford Explorer…

2021 Ford Super Duty Colors

June 29th, 2021 by
2021 Ford Super Duty

The brilliant 2021 Ford Super Duty colors are beautiful. Did you know there are eleven Ford Super Duty exterior colors to choose from? That’s enough choices to ensure that this automobile would look great in any Cheyenne driveway. And the Ford Super Duty interior colors are just as attractive. We delve into the details below….

What’s the 2021 Ford F-250 Towing Capacity?

May 26th, 2021 by
A Ford F-250 towing a trailer on a farm

Ford has a reputation for creating trucks that can handle the elements with ease, and plow through any gritty muck that the worksite delivers and the 2021 Ford F-250 is no exception. The Ford F-250 towing capacity is truly out of this world, with a maximum towing capacity of 43,000 pounds. You’ll be able to…

What are the 2021 Ford F-150 Colors?

May 26th, 2021 by
2021 Ford F-150

The 2021 Ford F-150 is without a doubt one of the most popular trucks for Cheyenne drivers. If you are looking to stand out on the road then you’re going to want something that has a sense of style. That is why the Ford F-150 colors can make such an impact, and make it possible…

2021 Ford Ranger Trim Levels

April 7th, 2021 by
2021 Ford Ranger

Are you in the market for a new pickup that can take on jobs in Cheyenne easily? Any pickup from the Ford lineup can guarantee incredible reliability, performance, and capability, however, the 2021 Ford Ranger is a great choice for Fort Collins, CO drivers. It combines power and easy maneuverability and has some exciting trim levels that…

The 2021 Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

March 23rd, 2021 by
2021 Ford Explorer

What’s the 2021 Ford Explorer towing capacity? Well the 2021 Ford Explorer is an SUV that is a jack of all trades. It can seat seven, has plenty of cargo space, the Ford Explorer max payload is impressive, and its towing capacity is 5,600 pounds when properly equipped. What’s even better is that the Explorer…

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